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Our business is based on our experience in promoting any brands and what needs to be done to distinguish them from global competitors.


We help companies grow through an unique combination of ideas, tactics and strategies. This includes strong skills in the following areas: branding, data analysis, design, fundraising, networking, etc.


We develop and implement marketing strategies based on specific, measurable results.


We carefully study the current situation, select and use digital tools in a complex that complements each other and gives a synergistic result.


Our experience working with many industries allows us to offer you ready-made solutions to any business tasks, and an individual approach makes it possible to use resources effectively.


we offer

- After agreeing on the number of traffic sources, we agree on a budget. For each source we spend 70% of the budget on the purchase of advertising and 30% on tools (accounts, design, integration)


- After summing up, we agree on a monthly budget and optimize campaigns. We are working on increasing LTV and Retention Rate.


*Please note that we do not receive profit from test campaigns.


- Performance Marketing Strategy

- Paid Search

- Paid Social

- Remarketing & Re-targeting

- A selection of appropriate advertising environments for your brands and products

- Performance Media planning and media buying

- Insights & Analytics

- Conversion & Engagement Optimization




Largest online store. One of the leading players in  online fashion apparel market. 


A social dating network that supports many languages ​​and works with users from all over the world.

Clash of Clans is a strategy game created by  developer Supercell for mobile devices.



One of the largest binary options brokers in the world

The broker entered the options market in 2014.

The DIM-E is an interconnected compilation of products and services. 

Beauty and health products




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